Accuracy App 2.0

Now available on both iOS and Android.

Everything you want to know about a watch. And everywhere.

The main screen of the Accuracy App provides a simple visual of all the technical information you may want to know about the health of your watch. Accuracy is the only smart tool that gives you access to professional measurements. Take it with you wherever you go, and test watches wherever you want : in Boutiques, watch fairs, with some friends…

Scan your watch.

The new Accuracy app uses the integrated magnetic fields sensor of your device in order to check weather your movement is magnetized. Scan your watch on every angle and see if it suffers from magnetization.

Your entire measurement collection.

You can save all of your measurement results in a smart integrated database. Rate accuracy, amplitude, beat error, graphs… Everything you need to track is saved.
With iOS, all your measurements are also automatically saved on the cloud to keep data available on all your devices.

Full monitoring.

Track the rate accuracy and the amplitude of the balance wheel over time. Over the entire power reserve of the watch if you want to, thanks to our ultra-low energy consumption background mode.

Each watch is different from an other.

For Accuracy, we built powerful algorithms that are able to adapt to every watch you may measure. Change settings in realtime measurement and get relevant and precise outcome for your expertise.

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