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Better from every angle.

The ONEOF® Accuracy Motion is a motorized multi-position acoustic measuring instrument for mechanical watches or movements, dedicated to professional watchmakers.

Complete control.

Endless possibilities.

Historically, watchmakers tests and adjusts the chronometric precision of mechanical movements using acoustic measuring devices in six static positions – two horizontal and four vertical – in order to compensate for the effect of Earth’s gravity on the regulating system.

Six static positions are no longer sufficient because it is simply not representative of the actual wear of a watch which evolves in a dynamic three-dimensional environment with complex and varied disturbances. The ONEOF® Accuracy Motion was developed from this observation and from our desire to offer watch brands a tool that is capable of doing more and doing better, using contemporary and adapted technology.

ONEOF® uses OM10 open source movement 3d data

Cutting-edge technology.

Pushing the technological limits of a product requires rethinking the classic engineering from the early stages of its development. By equipping the ONEOF® Accuracy Motion with direct control with an Inertial Measurement Unit and strain wave gears (better known as of Harmonic Drive®), the product is more similar to aerospace technology than to standard industry technology.



Movement modes

Static – Dynamic

Speed control

From 1°/s to 15rpm

32’400 dynamic orientations.

The ONEOF® Accuracy Motion can be controlled without any backlash – not only in the six standard static positions, but degree by degree, in 32’400 different orientations (90° x 360°). In addition, it allows speed control ranging from one degree per second to more than fifteen rotations per minute.

These features offer new possibilities for manufacturers who will create new test and control processes as they see fit, thus promoting optimal chronometric quality of their watches before they are put on the market.

Continuous rotation mode. In the dynamic continuous rotation action mode, the speed can be controlled from as low as 1 degree per second to a fast fifteen rotations per minute. At a relatively low rotation speed, depending on the watch escapement sound power, the rate measurement in rotation remains possible. This feature is highly useful when measuring a tourbillon movement: with a counter-rotation equals to the tourbillon speed, the rate measurement result is independent from the tourbillon cage balancing.

Experience a clear workspace.

When using several measuring instruments side by side for production purpose, keeping a clear workspace can get very complicated. All ONEOF® devices work with a single USB cable and support the multi-device plug&play technology. 



Acoustic measurement

High precision TCXO

+/- 0.1 s/d accuracy


360° x 90° zero-backlash positioning

Static and dynamic modes

Multi-speed motor control capabilities

Programable motion sequences


Black anodized aluminium casing

Soft-touch coatings